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Infographic: Getting Ahead in the Plant-based Ice Cream Market

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

At data.abillionveg, we're driven to bring you valuable insights on the plant-based market. On top of our usual long-form research reports, we're delighted to launch our line of infographics. They're designed to be fun, digestible and bite-sized. Perfect for your email newsletters, client presentations or social media content. Enjoy this piece on the plant-based ice cream industry!

Keen to find out which products were voted the best by the abillionveg community? Check out our Top 20 Vegan Ice Creams for 2020.


Ravi Gopalan, @ravi-gopalan

Maria Tan, @mariaubergine

Lek Hong, @lekhong


Jennifer Jones, @jenniferj1s

Wai Sum, @waisum


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